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Poole Bay Classics - a brief history.

In 1995 a group of classic car enthusiasts were talking over the classic car scene in the East Dorset and New Forest area. At the time there were, and still are, several clubs servicing this area. However, excellent as these clubs are, it was felt that none of them filled the criteria for which we all were looking, namely a club dedicated to raising money for local charities. After prolonged discussion on the feasibility of forming a new club and all the potential pitfalls involved, it was decided that we should at least try to form one.

After further discussion the basic aims of any future club were laid down and a name was sought. At this point Simon Dale-Smith, who was to become our founder Secretary, pointed out that our primary catchment area, namely the Purbecks, Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and the Western edge of the New Forest were all situated along the coast of Poole Bay and that Poole Bay Classics seemed an appropriate name.

An inaugural meeting was held at the Hinton Firs Hotel in Bournemouth in November 1995, by kind permission of the then proprietor, Roger Waters, a Morgan driver. Having explained the aims of PBC to those present, a warm feed back was received, with forty members signing an application form for membership that evening.

 A couple of days after the inaugural meeting the founders met to form a Management Team and plan some events for the coming months. The first event was a road run held on the New Year 1996, an event celebrated annually by our Anniversary Road Run. We also had to have a venue for a monthly club night. Careful consideration was given to this, as we did not wish to meet the same night as other clubs, as some of our potential members were already members of other organisations. Finally we settled on the fourth Tuesday in the month, as this seemed to be fairly free and we hoped in this way that our members could have a social evening out each week in the month if they so wished.

Initially our meetings took place in various Bournemouth hotels, but after a few months we found that we had outgrown the accommodation available. We then moved out of town to the Bournemouth Flying Club at Hum, where we remained for seven years, until once again a need for larger accommodation became apparent. We now meet on the fourth Tuesday at the Hamworthy Club, Magna Road, Bear Cross.Once the club was "up and running" we felt we should have a logo and it was Simon again who came up with the badge design we have now. It consists of a radiator with two headlamps, in the centre of which is the Poole Dolphin. Not always seen, but on the header tank are the letters PBC. The line that passes up the side and over the radiatorrepresents Poole Bay, from the Old Harry Rocks at the bottom, through the Harbour Mouth and then the long sweep of the bay to Hengistbury Head.

The club is not run by a committee, but a management team. If a member of the team wishes to resign the remaining members of the team approach another member of the club to join them. Of the eight founders all are still members, four of them still serving on the management teamAfter a road run we usually book a village hall for a buffet lunch or a tea, all the catering being laid on by our own "in house" catering team.

"What about the charity side", I hear you say. No it has not been forgotten, so far Poole Bay Classics have raised over £50,000 for local charitable groups and Hospitals. Annually we have our own show, Extravaganza, from which all the profits go to charity.On our club night each month we normally have a guest speaker, very often from a local charity. He, or she, will then receive the proceeds from the raffle we hold on the evening. No we don't talk cars all evening, only in small groups round a table, we like to think we are a family club.We attend shows, fetes or similar events most weekends, and hold five or six road runs spread throughout the year. We also invite other clubs in the area to join us on some of these events We like to think we are not only a family club, but a sociable crowd as well.