A Little History

 In 1995 a group of classic car enthusiasts were talking about the classic car scene in the East Dorset and New Forest area. Although there were several clubs servicing this area it was felt that none of them filled the criteria for which we were looking for, namely a club to help support local charities. After a discussion on the benefits and pitfalls involved, it was decided that we should form one.

 We needed a name for the club and came to rest on Poole Bay Classics because the areas we were looking to primarily cover were all situated along the coast of Poole Bay. These areas included Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and the Purbecks.

 An inaugural meeting was held at the Hinton Firs Hotel in Bournemouth in November 1995 with forty people signing up for membership that evening.  

Road Run

 From this meeting we planned our first event, a road run, held on the New Year of 1996 which we celebrate annually by our unsurprisingly named Anniversary Road Run.  

 Some people belonged to more than one club so in deciding when to hold our club nights we decided on the fourth Tuesday of the month so not to clash with others. A tradition carried on to this day. We started out at various hotels in Bournemouth before moving out to Bournemouth Flying Club and now our current venue, The Hamworthy Club. As well as our planned activity we also have a raffle, from which the proceeds are donated to charity.

Blind Auction

 Even though we are a car club we don't talk about cars all evening, we see it as an opportunity for like-minded people to get together and have a natter. As such we welcome people/families of any age to our club. You don't even have to be a classic car owner - just having an interest is enough.


 We attend shows, fetes etc during the Summer months, and hold our own road runs throughout the year. We also invite other clubs in the area to join us on some of these events. In July 2000 we launched our own "Extravaganza" rally at Breamore House in Fordingbridge. The annual rally has continued to grow over the years, with all profits going to local charities.

 If you like what you have read and would like to become a member, why not contact us about joining?